Friday, 25 August 2017

The Magnet Freehouse part 2

We have some fantastic weather to deal with, and that was my challenge for my next project.
Finding the right day when i was available and it was dry to start my painting at the front of the pub.
Being exposed on the A6 with buses and traffic driving by ( although quieter than normal with the roadworks) i was a bit out of my comfort zone,however i had a great time chatting with passers by while i worked.
I couldn't have been more delighted with how my Bay Trees turned out.

The Magnet Freehouse part 1

These last few months i have been very busy working on a couple of commissions for this local pub.
Lesley, the wonderful landlady bought one of my Viaduct prints to put on their wall in the upstairs lounge and asked if i could do something for the exterior.
We mulled over a few ideas and came up with a 6ft montage of Stockport iconic Buildings, painted on wood. It was varnished over and then protected with a sheet of prespex.