Sunday, 26 January 2014


I'm loving my latest purchase, a small arts and crafts chair, wanted bedside tables, came home with this instead.

Saturday, 18 January 2014


I had an interesting visit to Bolton today, having never been before I didn't
know what to expect, I have to say the first impression as you leave the train and walk into town isn't the greatest (sorry )but a walk further down and you get to the Town hall and Art Gallery, you
get an idea of what an interesting Town it was, with the features of the Market place restored, just a shame about the awful 60's buildings surrounding everywhere.
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I was going to the opening of a fantastic photography exhibition by
Geoff Davies a photographer who just enjoyed taking pictures of everyday life around
Bolton, Manchester and Salford to name but a few.
My father was fortunate to meet Geoff recently and find out a bit more about the man behind the pictures, in failing health this exhibition was put on for him, I would strongly recommend going along, what a lovely man and an inspiration to many, just to get out there and observe what's going on around you and capture it on film, then print these photos yourself.

 Dad with Geoff saying a few words about his work to a very packed gallery.


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2014.
So far this year I have been extremely busy,
after lots of family gatherings, at one point 23 of us and 3 dogs,
lots of over indulging, I have got back into my studio, put all the decorations away
for another year and enjoyed some quiet time.
Finally finishing a painting I started at the end of October.
I was inspired by constantly driving up and down the A6 and noticing all the variety of
shops along the way.
When I was young we were sent on errands to the Grocers, green grocers, butchers,
bakers etc, if we were lucky we could get some sweets from the sweet shop with the change.
There usually wasn't any, Mum always gave us the right money.
We would nip to the off licence with my dad on Sundays ,and get the money back on our bottles.
Look at the High Street today, how different is looks from the 70's , I was trying to capture what we all see on a daily basis, the change in our high street in the 21st century.
What will it look like in 2050?
 I doubt I will be around to see it, will it all come full circle like
most things tend to ,well time will tell.