Saturday, 19 July 2014

Tea Towels & Mugs at the Handmade Market

And relax........
The past few weeks have been really busy, aside from getting on with my day job, I have been sorting out an order of mugs to head of to Maryland USA.
The Stockport Metro Lacrosse team are heading over seas for an exchange programme, with around 50 members from over the county looking forward to some great games in the States
They decided to take with them my mugs to give as gifts to the host family's, I have to say I was delighted that more of my work is now heading abroad.
   Over the last few months I have been working on getting a Tea towel of my Stockport image produced, I think the end result is pretty good. They will be stocked in the Staircase House and available from within the indoor market.
I will be at the Handmade Market on Sunday 20th July from 11-4pm come along and have a look.
An ideal gift for family and friends abroad.

All packed up and ready to go

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Old Stockport

Stockport from times past.
My latest painting has been inspired by the architecture of buildings in around
Stockport that are no longer on the landscape.
The only permanent structure is the viaduct, waiting to welcome us home.
Some amazing buildings have  been demolished some out of necessity (falling down, unsafe) others
to make way for the council planning our 'modern 'town.
Give me old any day, it makes me feel sad that some of these buildings have been left to go derelict
or just pulled down and replaced with some monstrosity.

I am fairly sure that most of you Stopfordians will recognise the images on my painting.
most probably a lot of you will have worked or danced and drank in some of them.