Sunday, 8 April 2018

St Matthews primary ...School Project

Hi, its been a while but its time to put together a new post .
Recently i was invited in to talk  and work with the fantastic children in year 5 from St Matthews Primary School in Edgeley.
The kids were were working on a project looking at the comparisons of landscapes /Skylines and Cityscapes here and over in America.
 I was their featured artist who they were using to compare the differences in styles of architecture. In an earlier class they had used their sketch books to come up with a collage of the New York skyline and some sketches taking inspiration from my Stockport Townscape images.
During my sessions with them we created some more sketches, with the children choosing which of our local landmarks they would like to do, they were brilliant!

It was such a pleasure to look through their sketch books see some of the work they had been doing.
     My next visit, delayed slightly because of the 'Beast from the East' we were getting some ideas together to create a big picture.
After choosing a building, in pairs the children worked together to produce some drawings that they were then going to make into a collage.
It was all very messy but we had great fun.
 Cutting and sticking , generally having a great time and getting absorbed into the job in hand.

I had made a start on the main feature of the 'Big Picture' Stockports own Viaduct, the children then continued it on and then added a chimney,
Once they had all finished their own designs and they had dried overnight, the next step was to put it all together.
I think you'll agree it looks fantastic.
I have had such a great time working with this class, they ask the most interesting questions ie: am I a millionaire and do I have a swimming pool, to what and who is my inspiration, and which is my most favourite painting.

Thursday, 28 December 2017


Happy Christmas to everyone and Good wishes for the New Year.
Looking back over the last 12 months, I can't quite believe how quickly its flown by and how I have neglected writing my blog posts.
I am presently looking for inspiration to take me forward into 2018, and hopefully it will prove as rewarding as the year we are about to leave .
From the fantastic exhibition at Staircase House starting in January , my Strawberry Studio painting has proved extremely popular, and many prints now grace the walls of many homes.
Taking part in the Picture Stockport project and having my own talk at the Stockport Art Gallery was a treat, I would never have guessed that I would find standing up in front of an audience, not the daunting experience I had imagined.
Getting your art selected to go on view for the general public is always a proud achievement, this coming year I will endeavor to continue painting more images of my home town to go on display.
I've selected a few of my personal favourites to share with you .

See you all in the New Year

Friday, 25 August 2017

The Magnet Freehouse part 2

We have some fantastic weather to deal with, and that was my challenge for my next project.
Finding the right day when i was available and it was dry to start my painting at the front of the pub.
Being exposed on the A6 with buses and traffic driving by ( although quieter than normal with the roadworks) i was a bit out of my comfort zone,however i had a great time chatting with passers by while i worked.
I couldn't have been more delighted with how my Bay Trees turned out.

The Magnet Freehouse part 1

These last few months i have been very busy working on a couple of commissions for this local pub.
Lesley, the wonderful landlady bought one of my Viaduct prints to put on their wall in the upstairs lounge and asked if i could do something for the exterior.
We mulled over a few ideas and came up with a 6ft montage of Stockport iconic Buildings, painted on wood. It was varnished over and then protected with a sheet of prespex.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Talk at Stockport Art Gallery and lots of other stuff

It's been a long time since I have written my blog, I have been very busy these last few months,quietly working on a commission which I can reveal very soon , and more recently after taking part in the picture Stockport project , my 'Crowd at County' painting is on the wall along with the other paintings that were chosen by the public as their favourites,  on Sunday I did my very first talk, all about my Stockport paintings, my working practice and a bit of journey to the good old days of our childhood and the Stockport we remember when we were kids.
I surprised myself at how well it went and didn't feel too nervous, I had been rehearsing for weeks before hand , so I guess preparation is the key.
This weekend I am taking part in the Heatons art trail for the second year and will be at Heaton Moor united church, I shall have some of my new prints and tea towels as well as some of my original paintings.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Victoria Baths

Over the last few months, I have been working on a new project for the amazing Victoria baths in Manchester, a restoration project to get the Baths back to their former glory, built in 1906 and in use upto the early 1990's ,threatened with demolition after they fell in to dis-repair ,they were eventually saved by the  BBC Restoration programme Vote and volunteers/ friends of the Baths,  who are still involved today.
My mugs are based on an image I produced, and are available in the gift shop for £8, all sales are put back into the project.
I have also produced a map, a birds eye view of the interior of the Baths,  this will be available as a large postcard.
If you get the chance to visit, you won't be disappointed, a gem just outside the city centre.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Picture Stockport 2017

I have been fortunate to be asked to take part in this new venture around Stockport.
I'm always happy to be involved with anything that brings Stockport to life.
My 'Crowd at County ' painting was chosen and can be viewed in the undercover area of Merseyway.
Looking great on a banner to promote the event too.
Apologies for some of the pics, very tricky with the lights and reflections, i got round some of the trail at the weekend, will try and do the rest when i get the chance.
Details on how to vote are available either by filling in a form at certain venues or online.